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- namelauren.

- agesixteen.

- locationmichigan.

- boy or girl?girl.

- 5 or more bandsherspaceholiday, ben kweller, hellogoodbye, the blood brothers, walls of jericho, throwdown, the bled, bleeding through, boys night out, foredirelifesake, himsa, alexisonfire, poison the well, coheed and cambria, norma jean, ima robot, eisley, azure ray, the darkness, silverstein, from autumn to ashes, phantom planet, the anniversary, xiu xiu, ugly cassanova, the translplants, quit your life, q and not u, mùm, home grown, grandaddy, ettison clio, the pixies, at the drive in, the get up kids, hey mercedes, pretty girls make graves, weezer, hot hot heat, okgo, reggie and the full effect, modest mouse, no knife, cursive, sigur ros, the kinnison, alkaline trio, dragon ash, saves the day, the mars volta, taking back sunday, midtown, bright eyes, the postal service, death cab for cutie, hefner, jets to brazil, brand new, the weakerthans, copeland.

- 3 or more moviesfrida, se7en, ed wood, donnie darko, big fish, amelie, fightclub, the dangerous lives of alter boys, mona lisa smile, office space, the virgin suicides, catch me if you can, 13 going on 30, how to deal, dead poet society, down with love, le divorce, napoleon dynamite, ghost world, american beauty, dirty dancing: in havannah nights, saving silverman, the little rascals, garden state.

- something interesting about yourself.i have a vast imagination, and love to read and write. i adore photography and graphic design. i hope to have a proffession in the arts one day (possibly set designing, fashion designing, graphic designing, or photography). i've always wanted to live in california. in a couple years i may go there for college. i've never tried a cigarrette or drugs in my life. i have however drank once before. i'm trying to be a vegetarian again. my favorite pop is lemon drop soda. i got into an accident with a semi and lived through it. i'm left-handed. on my left hand (the hand that looks like michigan) i have a freckle in the exact spot i live in michigan (and it even looks like a little star if you look closely at it). i have been in many activities in my life: ballet (for 10 years), jazz (for a year), lyrical (for a year), ice skating (for 3 years), gymnastics (for a year), and equestrian (for a year). i taught myself how to play flute, oboe, and clarinet but as of now i only play clarinet. i am a kid at heart sometimes; i love the disney channel and nickelodeon. i love dancing and flailing around. i love cheering people up, and giving advice to my friends. i love helping people out. i try to be the best i can be.

- 1 entertaining picture

- ATLEAST 4 pictures of yourself

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